Nutrition for Life - Seminar & Workshop

This seminar will cover the basics of good nutrition – no fads, no obscure nutrition theories – just basic solid information on how the body operates and how to make your body function optimally. The first half of the seminar we will be covering basic macronutrients, why each one is important and how they function within the body, and why a balanced approach to nutrition is important for everyday life. Topics covered will include breaking through many of the myths of nutrition and how to sort through the mass of confusing information in the media to create an eating plan that works for you. The second portion of the seminar we will be working through your own personal dietary needs and how to calculate your daily nutrition needs based on your individual goals. We will discuss specific food choices and how to design a food plan that not only fuels your activities, but shapes your body.

This seminar is relevant to both men and women and is a small enough group that individual attention to your specific needs will be given. This is a great start if your family is looking to make better choices, if you are looking to reduce your body fat, or if you are an athlete looking to increase performance.

You will leave with a binder full of basic nutrition info, your own guideline for the amount of calories and macronutrients suitable to your goals and metabolism and articles designed to help clear up many misconceptions about nutrition.

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