Overcoming Guilt

By Zoa Linsey
December, 10 2014
Picture of Zoa at 2013 Europa

One of the greatest obstacles to achievement can be GUILT. Guilt about what you did in the past to set yourself back. Guilt over messing up today. Guilt over allowing others to manipulate you away from your goals. Even guilt over a situation you couldn't control (being sick, ill or unable to eat or train properly).

Bottom line, in order to be a great athlete you have to be very self-aware of your emotions. You must have a constant barometer asking yourself how you are feeling, if it is valid and how it is affecting your life and goals. Then changing or having the courage to attempt a new action based on your self-analysis.

Whenever you feel guilt, use it to ask yourself what you are feeling underneath that broad 'feeling'. Are you really just frustrated with the situation? Angry with someone else? Scared that you may not be able to achieve your goals? Fear is often a deep emotion behind guilt. We are worried we are holding ourselves back and afraid of the consequences in the future (failure). Guilt can be a heavy, wet blanket that weighs you down from moving forward if we allow it. By analyzing your true feelings you can allow yourself to move forward into action and use guilt to empower and push yourself forward.

Change takes great courage, self-awareness, self-analysis, and the willingness to walk on a new path! Exceptional results require exceptional attention to detail!

While prepping for a show, we are often struggling with new emotions and new situations. Don't be afraid to spend some time assessing your headspace, being aware of what you are experiencing and asking yourself if it is productive or unproductive. Work on transforming ineffective paralyzing emotions into calls to action.

  • So you messed up on your diet....or your missed your workout because you fell into old habits...
  • 1. Ask yourself 'why'
  • 2. Ask yourself 'what can I do to prevent this action in the future'
  • 3. Commit to a new response the next time this situation occurs.
  • 4. If you had no control over the situation, look forward and create revised goals for your new external variables. Bottom line, do not allow old patterns, old emotions and ineffective coping skills paralyze you from a great future.

Change takes great courage, self-awareness, self-analysis, and the willingness to walk on a new path! EXCEPTIONAL RESULTS require EXCEPTIONAL ATTENTION TO DETAIL!

Thanks for reading, Zoa...